This is the startpage of the search for
the family Pul

The purpose of this site is:

- to research the origin of the familyname Pul

- to search and research the word/name Pul in it's various meanings and way of writing it.

- to find as many people as possible with the familyname Pul and to document possible relationships and/or family-ties.

Uptill now, October 29th, 2022 we have discovered seven different branches (tak) . The oldest one from early medieval Germany in the area between Berlin and the Oder river : the "von Pfuhle" family The other six from medieval Lűbeck and Thorn ( nowadays Torun in Poland) , one from Estonia , one from Tamale in Ghana and three from the Netherlands resp. from the North-Veluwe , the Valley and the province of Groningen.
Whether there is any relationship between these six we have not been able to establish sofar. We know of other existing groups in Bialystok (Poland) and in Instanbul (Turkye). Since we have no further information or contact with these groups we have not mentioned them in the rest of the site . If you belong to one of these , or may be to an as yet unkown group , please contact us.